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I have been using Pivot Pegz on my WR250F for 10 months now and they are the best thing I've bought for my bike. The better grip and load distribution on the bike is totally unbeatable! Also, since purchasing these pegs my riding has improved. I would recommend Pivot Pegz to anyone whether they are just a casual rider or at a competitive level.

Peta Martin. Patterson Lakes, Victoria.

'Pivot Pegz are unreal.' 'Pivot Pegz were fitted halfway through the season and are a great asset. The difference between the stock pegs and Pivot Pegz is very noticeable. We found that Pivot Pegz gave better body movement and great foot grip. They help with body positioning enabling you to transfer body weight more easily, which in return, provides better traction. Plus they look awesome!' 

ADB Magazine.

A big thank you for the delivery of my pegs. I can't believe the difference that these little beauties have made. Anything else that I could add to what has already been said would be superfluous! Quite simply, the BIGGEST confidence inspiring bolt-on I've ever added to one of my bikes. Again, thanks for such a wonderfully made and engineered product. 

T. Reaburn. Newman WA.