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Pivot Pegz® are designed and built to perform to the highest standard and we standby the long term performance of our product by offering our unique Pivot Pegz Lifetime Warranty. Once activated the Lifetime Warranty covers Pivot Pegz against breakage even if they are used in a race environment. For full details on the warranty please read below.


You must activate your Warranty within 60 days of purchase. To activate the Warranty you must fill in and submit the Warranty Activation Form (see bottom of page) - OR - fill in and post us the Warranty Card included in your retail box.


We warrant the Main Component Parts of Pivot Pegz against breakage for the lifetime of use and ownership by the original purchaser. We agree to replace any broken Main Component Parts we deem to be validly claimed under this warranty.

We reserve the right to decline any warranty claim that we deem to be invalid. The Lifetime Warranty claim will be deemed invalid if there are any signs of neglect, modification, tampering, incorrect fitment or misuse of the product.

Lifetime Warranty covers the Main Component Parts.

Lifetime Warranty covers the Main Component Parts.

The Lifetime Warranty covers the Main Component Parts of Pivot Pegz, those being the stainless steel Peg Mount Assembly (part 7) and the stainless steel Peg Body (part 5) as identified in the diagram shown.


In order to activate the Lifetime Warranty you must fill in and post the Warranty Card that is included in your Pivot Pegz pack - OR - you can fill in and submit the online Warranty Activation Form (see button below) within 60 days of purchase. You must retain your original proof of purchase. In the event of a claim you may be asked to send your proof of purchase with the item being returned. If the Warranty is not activated within 60 days of purchase the Lifetime Warranty will be deemed invalid.


There are two ways of making a Warranty claim:

1) Return the product to the original place of purchase. The place of purchase may replace it for you immediately, or may assist you in shipping your claim to a PIVOT PEGZ distribution agent for processing.

2) Contact PIVOT PEGZ Head Office via our Contact Us page or call us on +61 3 6423 1800 and we'll give you instructions on how to submit your Warranty claim.


Please fill out the Warranty Activation Form in full and submit it by pressing the submit button. You will be emailed a confirmation that your application for warranty cover has been received. We suggest you print a copy or take a screengrab for your records and keep it in a safe place along with your proof of purchase.

(Please Note: Your information, including your email address, will be kept strictly confidential and will not be passed on to any other party.)