Testimonial - Paul Whibley

World and British Enduro Championship rider Paul Whibley has chosen to fit Pivot Pegz® to his factory supported Gas Gas for his attack on this year's series. Paul tested Pivot Pegz® and was delighted with the results having this to say about the revolutionary new foot peg.

"The forward and back rotation of Pivot Pegz is great".

"The forward and back rotation of Pivot Pegz® is great as they give me far more room around the gear lever making shifting much easier. It also means moving to the front of the bike takes a lot less effort as the forward movement of the peg allows me to weight the outside rest more effectively when cornering."

"The problem with standard pegs is that I sometimes loose my footing on the outside rest when existing corners because my boots only have the front edge of the peg to grip on. With Pivot Pegz® my foot remains planted on the whole surface of the peg right the way through the corner and is therefore more stable allowing me to apply pressure and stay in control the whole time."

We are delighted Paul has chosen to join the growing number of top-level riders now competing with Pivot Pegz® world leading pivoting foot peg technology and we wish him every success in his 2005 campaign.