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Picture of Pivot Pegz fitted to a new YZF450

Only Pivot Pegz® have the unique & patented spring loaded self-centering pivoting action. This spring loaded action provides many benefits.

A computer designed spring holds the peg in its central (neutral) position and provides optimized resistance and shock absorbsion during the pivoting action. When forward or aft pressure is applied, the peg pivots up to 20 degrees in a smooth and predictable manner. When pressure is released the peg instantly returns to its central position. The spring loaded action of Pivot Pegz® also provides valuable force feedback to the rider and assists in returning their feet to the central position.


The forward and backward pivoting action of Pivot Pegz® is limited to an optimized range of 20 degrees forward and 20 degrees backward. The pivot range has been determined by extensive evaluation of both the movement of the rider and the movement of the motorcycle during many styles of riding.


Pivot Pegz® also give the user the option to remove the Pivot Springs and use Pivot Pegz with a springless pivoting action. This springless option has always been available on all model Pivot Pegz but quite simply tests have shown the spring loaded pivoting action to be the optimum set up but if you prefer a springless pivoting action then the option is available. It is a simple task to dis-assemble Pivot Pegz® and remove the Pivot Springs and just as simple to reinstall then if and when you require. If you require further information regarding removing the Pivot Springs and achieving a springless pivoting action please contact us and we'll be happy to assist.