Mark 3 Pivot Pegz on a new CRF450R that's about to be collected for the store by the new owner.

The lowering option of Pivot Pegz is available on most motorcycles simply by either interchanging the left and right Mount Assemblies OR moving the spacer from the underside of the Mount to the topside of the Mount. The end result is that you can lower your Pivot Pegz by upto 12mm. It's a simple task that takes around 10 minutes.

 Lowering requires no modification and can be reverted back to standard, quickly and easily.

The amount of lowering and the method/technique of lowering the Pivot Pegz varies from bike to bike, please email us via our contact us page and we will send you information about the lowering option for your bike.

NOTE: The pivoting nature of Pivot Pegz makes your riding position feel less cramped and gives a slightly lower stance even without lowering the Pivot Pegz. We recommend test riding your Pivot Pegz in the standard configuration first before lowering them as they may very well be perfect in the standard position. If after test riding you still need more room you can investigate the lowering option. Contact us for more information.